Craft Beers

At Fat Patties our mission is to offer the best selection of American Craft Beers. 

Our extensive craft draft beer selection changes frequently so check back often.   Within our extensive collection we hold at least 10 spots for local breweries from Charleston to Atlanta.  When you are at the Bar reference our Beer list for complete up to date  information about each hand crafted beer.

On the fence and can’t decide? Ask for a sample, we will be happy to let you taste some of the best Craft Beer Available.

Salt Marsh Craft Beer Beaufort South Carolina

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  1. HarveNYC

    Hi, I’ve got a question for you..
    The image of the beers you’re using on this page is one of mine

    I’ve never sold it or authorized anyone to use it for anything
    I’m sort of happy people seem to like it so much, but can you tell me where you got it ?
    Still Trying to track down the source.. like if it’s a Stock-Photo company?
    I’ve found it in use on Literally Hundreds of sites and it’s slightly frustrating.
    Can you help?


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