Fat Patties & Salt Marsh Brewing Menus

Fat Patties & Salt Marsh Brewing Menus

“Who’s Your Pattie?”

Fat-Patties Menu

At Fat Patties we aim to please! What’s best selling burger on the menu? “It’s a tie between “Who’s Your Pattie?” which has BBQ pork and bacon and the “Virginia V” which has pimento cheese and bacon. Another favorite on the extensive menu is the “Thai Me Up” burger (that’s just the name of the burger – it’s not that kind of place!) dressed with julienned vegetable, coconut curry sauce and fresh basil. The “Sweet Fire” and “Holy Smokes” with a multitude of spicy toppings are popular locally supplied bratwurst offerings. The “Mango Tango Salad” may inspire you to grab a partner and dance across the floor.

Just when you thought you were done indulging in Fat Patties’ menu, the ice creams beckon, strategically planted next to the exit door. There is just no avoiding it – but why would you want to, with flavors like burnt marshmallow, spiced pumpkin and peach cobbler? Offered as a cup, cone, shake or in a sundae, there is just no resisting…give in to your inner ice cream-craving voice. The most popular ice cream flavor, eclipsing all others including kettle corn, bacon maple syrup, white chocolate cayenne and brown butter, is the burnt marshmallow. We also offer decadent ‘adult flavors’ made in small batches laced with a drop or two of spirits…you will will find themselves reciting…I scream, you scream, we all scream for Fat Patties ice cream!

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